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Rescue  Adopt  Love  Forever

A little bit about who we are and why we do it.

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RALF came about in January 2018 whilst volunteering at a Dog Rescue. I spent one day a week for the best part of two and a half years, throwing myself into daily chores like mucking out kennels, general cleaning, constant piles of laundry, DIY, gardening, feeding the animals, meeting new like minded people and best of all, playing with dogs. 

Hundreds  came through the gates for adoption. The sheer joy of watching these dogs turn around from being scared, hungry, abused, lonely, in pain and neglected into happy, playful, loving, funny, grateful and free living, became a passion. It made the 75 mile weekly round trip so worth it.

The dogs came from horrendous conditions. Most from kill shelters, snatched at the last minute from the jaws of death. Some were long term 'residents' from neglected, underfunded pounds and had been left to starve. Many were street dogs fighting for scraps, nursing wounds, blindness, broken bones from beatings or being hit by cars, outcast and alone. A few were abandoned by their owners for financial reasons or used as puppy producing machines to sell and make cash for their next drug hit.....the list just goes on.

The shelter grew and started to rescue other animals, pigs, sheep, chickens, goats, ferrets, ducks and geese. It was one of the most hands on, filthy, amazing times in my life. That's me in the photo above, on my birthday!

Non-profit organisations are always looking for ways to raise funds to sustain their rescue work. I'm convinced there's a more lucrative way than the usual raffles, fetes, quiz nights etc. So, after a bit of brainstorming at home, RALF came to life and I've come to where I am now.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of organisations that could benefit from RALF. Money raised will be shared amongst those that need it, especially smaller underfunded groups with their hard working dedicated volunteers, tirelessly working in all weathers, just to lend a helping hand. 

My desire to help started with dogs, but I'm very much aware that all animals struggle, mostly because of human involvement. I challenge you to go online and read some of the stories you'll find. It may inspire you to be the kind hearted person that makes a conscious decision to help, every little bit really does count.


Bringing much laughter, love and devotion into our lives.

They came to us for different reasons  and are loved despite their difficulties.

​Every rescue, like them, is a RALF.

Knowing how many animals in need are out there, we want to further promote the ongoing movement of 'Adopt don't Shop'.

Check out your local rescues,shelters and sanctuaries, do some research and stop putting your hard earned cash into ruthless, money grabbing, 

neglectful puppy farms.

The joy of giving an unwanted animal a home is so worth the effort.


Sharky & Milo

Both came from Botosani public shelter in Romania and had suffered trauma, neglect and fear.

Milo came to us at approx 5 months old. As he grew, it became apparent that he'd suffered malnurishment and physical harm. He had been found in a bin as a very young puppy and taken straight to the shelter. 

Sharky was dumped in the pound after being caught but the dog catcher. After having an

x-ray with our vet, it was clear he'd survived a broken left leg and right hip dislocation at some time in his early life.

These adorable, fluffy, fun loving, quirky boys are truly loved and happy now.

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