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Adoption House ZaZa

Based in Niš, Serbia, Tamara has been rescuing dogs for over 20 yrs. ZaZa was her first rescue, a German Shepherd, who sadly passed on in 2011 Her name and the love Tamara has for her, carries on in Adoption House ZaZa.

Currently having a mix of blind, disabled and street dogs in her care, Tamara also pays for other dogs in foster. Having to pay monthly fees to the foster carers takes its toll on her finances, so after securing land, she started to build her own shelter which will soon be open. It's her dream to add a small on site vets office, which will offer care and neutering for local dog owners and help keep costs down. Tamara is also passionate about education and plans to involve the local community and schools  and prevent the mistreatment of dogs in Serbia in the future.

Running Dog


black kennel.png
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plot of land
entrance gates
Fencing going up
water gully
Shelter 2

Building a shelter

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Meet The Dogs

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