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Time to get my hands dirty again.

I'm off to Serbia mid March. So excited that I'm finally going to get my hands back into rescue work. I had two and a half years, very happily, volunteering at a rescue shelter in Surrey. Sadly I had to stop, as the distance and circumstances were no longer viable. My time there was fun and felt so good to be doing something for another, whether it were four legged or two, the experience and memories will never be gone. I've been itching to get back into the whole " get stuck and in, be right mucky and productive" again. I am fortunate to be in touch with many of the fantastic, like minded people I met there and a few of us are joining together and going to Serbia.

RALF and Rescuemania will be visiting Adoption House ZaZa, to meet Tamara and all her rescued dogs and to see how we can help her with the amazing work she does. You can help us out too, we are collecting donations for them, any old harnesses, leads, collars or coats. They are also in need of any flea treatments.

So, if you've got anything you think might be suitable, please get in touch. Have a good dig around , ask your friends and colleagues, as long as it's in good working order, we'll take it to Tamara. Happy to pay for postage too.

I'll keep you updated on our trip, post lots of photos, tickle and play with all the dogs. Get dirty, bruised, nipped, tired, drunk probably at least but most of all be able to do some good for others. Bring on the splinters and grubby nails!

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