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We want to help and you can too.

Here at RALF we've started small, but, want to grow, reach far and wide.

There's been a growing trend over the last 5 yrs, of rescuers bringing dogs/cats from overseas to the UK for adoption. How much longer this can carry on.....we don't know.

BREXIT is a reality and that's why it's necessary to help those caring for these animals, in their own countries. 

Helping to educate and bringing in  neutering programmes, vastly improves the lives of both animal and human life. 

Rescue organisations here in the UK, have been involved with some of these projects, very successfully.  In some areas of Romania, numbers of roaming street dogs have been reduced from 1000's to 100's. There's no need for cruel and inhumane methods to control their numbers. 

You don't have to adopt to help, you can volunteer, donate, write to politicians, get involved with Rescue organisations.


This is where you'll find information about the people RALF  is personally supporting in their rescue efforts.


Dogs & Rescuers

Turkish flag.png

Through a general conversation with my sons girlfriend, she disclosed (after knowing her for 3 yrs! ) that her Aunt in Turkey was involved in dog rescue. After contact with Saliha was made, I received a ton of photos and videos showing the work and support they give to the dogs around their local town in Corlu. 

It's amazing what a few spirited, dedicated people can do.

Serbian flag.png

Adoption House ZaZa

Running Dog

Rescuemania brought Adoption House ZaZa to RALFs attention and we travelled to Serbia to visit the shelter and the work they do.

For 20 yrs, Tamara has been rescuing dogs, all dogs, whether they are blind, disabled, homeless or dumped puppies. 

She has many in her own home and also pays for foster carers to have the dogs she doesn't have room for. Her commitment gives them hope and the chance for a loving, secure future

Tamara has dreams and plans, click the link to find out more.

Ziggy in Pound
Asha & Sarah
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